I. M. Akhmad


In the article various approaches of professional culture structure studying of teacher’s communications are considered. There are given characteristics of different types of communication between teacher and student. Pedagogical dialog is viewed as a specific process of relationships and attitude as it is given by psychologist V.A. Kan-Kalik. His ideas are closely examined in connection with the main functions of interaction of the subjects of the pedagogical process being summarized and analyzed along with optimal pedagogical communication. The responsibility of culture of socially responsible decisions and actions is put on educational establishments. Then the article goes about types of communication in accordance with the classification proposed by A.A. Leontiev. Pedagogical tact is an important and vital issue that should be taught and dealt with at the early stages of teaching future educators, starting from youth age.

The idea being discussed is self-assertion as a universal sign of communication. A. V. Mudrik points out that this feature is of great importance and significance for pedagogical communication. Cultural habits and needs are vital for making the relationships between teacher and students, these components are determining the rhythm of human activity, the development of their aptitudes, interests and artistic inclinations.


communicative; pedagogical tact; interactive; culture; pedagogical approach; personal development of a teacher

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