FLUTTER BY, BUTTERFLY: OR WONDER-FULL WRITING TOOLS. A review of Technique in Nonfiction: The Tools of the Trade, by Steven Darian. Linus Learning, 2016, 271 p.

Olga M. Ilchenko


I am a great believer that writing can be brilliant. But how can one master this art? Some say it’s even impossible… Or is it? Perhaps the answer to this question is learning from the best teachers who generously share with us their tools of the trade.

“Technique in Nonfiction: The Tools of the Trade” by Professor Steven Darian is doing exactly this. But first, why butterflies? Well, they will be mentioned thrice throughout the review, but each time to convey a slightly different thing. Let’s start by saying that some books do have the so-called “butterfly effect” – the potential to significantly influence the future for years ahead...


review; Steven Darian; non-fiction writing.

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