T. P. Golub


The article is devoted to the study of education as a factor and a mean of sustainable development of the modern society. The concept of sustainable development is segregated and viewed by many scientists from all over the world as perhaps the only real promising possibility of stable development of mankind in contemporary challenges and crises. The common feature of the approaches developed to understanding and putting into practice the concept of sustainable development is technotronic and operational orientation to the metaphysical science project, concluding that all the pressing global problems can be solved within the framework of technotronic-manipulative techniques in the field of economics, management, development of new technologies, including biological, et al. The crisis of education and changes in social and cultural life of a mankind are closely interconnected, they strengthen and stipulate each other. Here the leading role is played by the social and philosophical idea that the education system not only reflects the productive and social and political life of the society, but can be an important or even decisive factor of its change, its entering the path of sustainable development. Taking education as a factor in the adaptation of society to the sustainable development should be the main methodological principle of the reviving strategy globally. Global education is a special metasystem, where the aims of the world education policy for the solution of global problems are defined and implemented, where specific ties and relations between states and their educational systems aimed at all-round empowerment of the most effective forms of implementation of tasks of the future are operated.


sustainable development; education; global education area; society

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