O. Yu. Chugai


The article deals with the peculiarities of distance education, its advantages and disadvantages describing programs of professional development MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), E-Teacher and Cambridge English Teacher. MOOC distance learning programs are free and open, they cover different areas - from science to teaching writing. In addition to participation in distance learning, teachers can become moderators and gain valuable experience. To obtain a certificate a participant should complete half of tasks and write an essay. In order to promote the programs, seminars supported by US embassies are held around the world. Unlike MOOC, program E-Teacher Scholarship is highly specialized, participants (winners of scholarships) can choose one of seven courses lasting 10 weeks. Participants are encouraged to find study buddies and work in groups, which makes it possible to establish professional contacts with colleagues from different countries. One must perform 70% of tasks and compete two projects for successful completion of the program. Distance Learning Program Cambridge English Teachers, which is designed for English teachers and is not free, offers 23 courses to complete during one year. Participants are expected to study theory, watch videos, complete checking compehension activities, tests and assignments that need to be done with students, conduct surveys and write reflective notes. Despite the fact that the above programs are designed primarily for teachers of English, they embody the features characteristic of distance learning programs in other areas of specialization. Participation in distance learning enables teachers to enrich their subject knowledge, overcome cross-cultural differences and gain an understanding of problem solving in education.


distance learning; real-time; virtual learning environment; moderator; scholarship; discussion forums; study buddies; feedback; webinars


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.20535/2410-8286.39893


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