A. V. Pavlovych, O. S. Ameridze


The article considers the peculiarities of organizing the work of a foreign language teacher with the use of principles of personally oriented teaching. Educational reforms have influenced on the activity of foreign language teachers of higher educational institutions of Ukraine which has been represented in a pedagogically-methodical reorientation. 

Pedagogical and methodical constituents of a teacher`s work are analyzed in terms of the above mentioned approach taking into account requirements to the professional training of a teacher, his preparedness to work with students. Professional stability of a teacher, his or her preparedness have an indispensable meaning. Communicative approach in language teaching is one of the elements of personally oriented teaching which can be an effective means of making up a dialogue between a teacher and a student. Students get an opportunity to fulfill their personal potential in which a teacher provides them with necessary help. A teacher is not just a knowledge source but also the one who helps students to develop their personalities. A teaching process organizing requires the consideration of its psychological and pedagogical constituents.  A student is a subject of teaching, a personality with individual and age peculiarities which should be necessarily taken into consideration by a pedagogue. The aim of a foreign language learning is the ability to use it in communication. Personally oriented teaching allows a pedagogue to provide students with facilities that help to the maximum to learn to communicate in a foreign language. 


personally oriented teaching; preparedness; communicative approach; communication; self-actualization


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