G. E. Mikhnenko


The article deals with the characteristics of the modern educational environment of a technical university and its role in the development of intellectual qualities of future engineers, among which is intellectual mobility. The concept “environment” and the structure of an educational environment are considered. Much attention is given to understanding the modern educational environment of a technical university as a holistic system and synergistically organized area of interaction between all the participants of the educational process, which helps to develop intellectual qualities of future engineers, necessary in a knowledge-based society. Together with intellectual responsibility and intellectual intuition, one of such personality qualities is intellectual mobility, which makes it possible for a professional to change quickly the types of intellectual activity without reducing its efficiency. The author distinguishes the following characteristics of a technical university educational environment: deep integration of educational, scientific and innovative processes; communicativeness which means the optimization of an educational process by all of its participants, subject-to-subject interaction between a teacher and a student, wide implementation of information technologies, and the ability of the environment for self-development and self-renewal. It is concluded that the environment is an active participant of the educational interaction: it is both a process and a result of individual activities.


educational environment; intellectual mobility; communication; integration

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