I. I. Zuyenok, M. L. Isakova, O. V. Petrova


The purpose of the article is to study specific features of introducing competence-based approach in the process of teaching and learning foreign languages under current conditions. The results are obtained with the following research methods: experimental research and empirical methods,  while researching modern concepts in foreign language education and creating our own understanding of communicative language competence and its components, standard methods of survey used in social research for gathering qualitative and quantitative data, while studying current situation in foreign language education and evaluating the results of introducing changes from the perspective of the stakeholders involved (feedback, interviewing, observations are included).  The main characteristics and principles of competence-based  approach to language teaching being introduced in non-linguistic higher educational establishments are examined. Its pros and cons as well as the positive experience of its implementing in the National Mining University (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine) are analysed. Special attention is drawn to changes in the role of teachers and students in education and the English-speaking classroom in particular. The results of changes triggered by introduction of competence-based approach are analysed and evaluated taking into consideration the information from various sources and a case study for the National Mining University.  Data analysis proves evidence of positive changes in foreign language education in the Ukrainian universities, and introduction of modern approaches to teaching/learning languages focused on learning process. Recommendations are given on how to improve foreign language education by introducing e-learning in teaching/learning process.


implementation of competence-based approach; development of workforce capacity; new assessment system; change in educational system of Ukraine; challenges of competence-based approach implementation; surpassing stereotypes


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.20535/2410-8286.39398

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