PhD programme, innovative research activities, postgraduate student, innovative research training


The paper examines the challenges of curricular reforms aimed at updating Postgraduate study programmes of Ukrainian higher educational institutions in terms of specific innovative content and methodologies. By applying statistical methods to the data acquired from questioning first-year and second-year PhD students, the concept of PhD students’ training (comprising formal, content-based and methodological aspects) has been reconstructed from the point of view of its key beneficiaries. The research results show that the majority of postgraduate students consider research and innovation activities as an important part of their future professional activity; the level of innovative research training in Postgraduate Education is rated as higher than average, while their own level is viewed as average. The paper outlines main forms of research and innovation activities in which the students participated as well as difficulties which they encountered. As a result of the quantitative analysis, the author presents the rating of the most important modules, which should be included in the curriculum of Postgraduate studies (Foreign Language for Specific Purposes, Methodology of Scientific Research, Methods of Mathematical Statistics, Academic Writing and Academic Integrity, Critical Thinking Basics, Innovation basics, Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer, Project Activity Basics). The paper also outlines the most effective, in students’ opinion, forms and methods of innovative research training in the process of Postgraduate Studies, including preparation of scientific publications to be submitted to international journals; workshop conducting, organisation of thematic meetings with successful scientists and entrepreneurs; on-the-job training in leading research centres; participation in interdisciplinary discussion workshops; participation in youth contests of innovative ideas and projects; participation in scientific research conferences and workshops; realisation of scientific research and social projects. The obtained results can be used for the development of educational and scientific programmes for the third level of higher education and construction of a model for innovative research training of the future PhD candidates.

Author Biography

Viktoriia Meniailo, Zaporizhzhia National University

Head of Scientific and Research Department


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