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The Internet provides students with information from a great number of online sources. Wikipedia is one of the most frequently suggested by search engines and popular students’ reference websites. The purpose of the research was to study students’ use and attitudes of Wikipedia and to find out the patterns of Wikipedia use as an information source for academic purposes amongst different student groups in a Ukrainian university considering the language used. The results revealed that the overwhelming majority of students used Wikipedia and most of the respondents used it for academic purposes. Students were likely to value Wikipedia’s being short and informative for writing assignments at the beginning of their work. However, the findings suggest that Wikipedia’s usage is restricted by the coverage and completeness of the Wikipedia content in students’ native language and the level of their knowledge of English. We found that students’ major, year and mode of study as well as teachers’ approval can also relate to their use of Wikipedia in relation to university studies.


survey; university; students; Internet; Wikipedia.

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