Larysa Taranenko is a member of the editorial board of Advanced Education, Doctor of Philology, Full Professor at the Department of Theory, Practice and Translation of English, Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. The scope of her research comprises the fields of general linguistics, English phonetics, phonostylistics, cognitive phonetics, intonology, text linguistics, pragmatics, folklore studies, speech energetics, synergetic aspects of speech, subliminal influence on the recipient. The record of her publications amounts to 180 works of experimental, theoretical and methodological levels, including three monographs, three dictionaries, four text-books, over 100 articles as well as conference proceedings. The record of her theoretical works includes: classification of functional, structural and semantic features of English folk texts; a generalized model of the literary genres’ genesis; a generalized graphical model of the conceptual domain of small form folklore texts of different genres; typical algorithmic models of the plot structure of English folk riddles, proverbs, fables, fairy tales, parables, myths, legends and anecdotes; a synergetic model of the psycho-energetic mechanism of a folk text’s subliminal influence on the recipient; a cognitive-and-creative model of riddle decoding by a recipient; synergetic models of the phonoconcept self-development; energy-grams of the text’s oral actualization; a quantitative K-criterion of the texts’ emotional and pragmatic potentials (co-authored with Alla Kalyta). Larysa Taranenko is a member of Ukrainian Association of Cognitive Linguistics and Poetics, International linguistic society «Societas Linguistica Europaea» and Kyiv School of Phonetics.