H. R. Voronina


Personality development is considered to be one of the most important issues in modern society. Schools play crucial role in career learning and development therefore they have to provide pupils opportunities to experience the world of work. To ensure that education in England meets current needs of young people the Government is taking necessary steps to increase career understanding and future employability. This paper deals with the development of specialized education in England. It highlights current options for the students’ successful progress in the future. To the extent that career learning and development have become a vital component of secondary school curriculum the paper focuses on the process of work-related learning and career education in England. It also observes modern approaches to specialized education and analyses the development of City Technology Colleges of England which have become a successful combination of academic learning and vocational training. It is pointed to the fact that local business and industries play an important role in majority of CTC decisions including financial support and curriculum planning.
The peculiarities of career learning and developing in City Technology Colleges are examined and the innovative concept of skill-based learning that provides proper working conditions for future specialists is discussed.


specialized education in England; career learning and development; vocational training; specialist school; City Technology College

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