L. V. Shkoliar


The article based on the analysis of historical, pedagogical, sociological, philosophical and psychological literature describes the stages of formation and development of socio-pedagogical work in France. Analyzed the role of state and non-state institutions and public organizations in the implementation of such work. Analyzed interesting and useful (for a deep rethinking of the role of socio-pedagogical work in Ukraine) long-term positive experience of France for the development and implementation of socio-pedagogical work. It is proved that the education of the citizen of the French society is based primarily on principles for the development of human values and the recognition of the leading role of the team in the development of personality. The present article shows that the main responsibility of the socio- educational work is the responsibility of the State through an extensive system of social and educational institutions at the regional , departmental and municipal social policy performs France. Describes the main features of the (complex organizational structure, the existence of a large number of professions, a significant amount of related stakeholders, and the like), characteristic of the French model of social-pedagogical work and the features of socio-pedagogical work in France. Special attention is paid to the role of government agencies, associations , federations , confederations and the voluntary sector in the conduct of socio-pedagogical work.


socio-pedagogical work; entertainment activities; associations, specialized social learning; social prevention method

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