N. V. Chizhova


The article highlights the essence of personal prospects, shows their relationship with the temporal prospect and the necessity of their formation in adolescence.Personal prospect is a person's ability to predict the future, plan and imagine it, and be prepared for it. Preadult age is determined by complex processes of outlook formation, career choices and identity formation. The paper illustrates the formation of identity of the individual, identifies problems which a young person may face and their effects: blur ideals, identity crisis, negative identity, failure to realize time horizons. Sometimes young people do not think about the future, they seem to come back to their childhood, when they didn’t feel consciously the passage of time. The content of psychosocial moratorium is revealed and determined that it provides the opportunity for young people to try out different social roles and professions, before making a final choice. The author demonstrates a positive development of identity formation and as a result persons’ faithfulness to their ideals, affections and promises,their ability to accept and comply with morals, ethics and values of society. The article shows that self-realization needs the creation of a life plan and implementation of it in concrete terms in a particular socio-cultural situation.


personal prospects; the identity of the individual; adolescence; self-realization; self-determination

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