The role of foreign language in formation of future advertising experts’ professional mobility.

Natalia Chizhova


The paper reveals the meaning of professional mobility, gives some definitions and proves the actuality of its forming in training process of future advertising experts. It demonstrates some examples of “horizontal” mobility among advertising experts. Cognition and communication are main aspects of educational activity which are integrated while learning English. Foreign language doesn’t become the objective of education, but it is the mean of acquisition  and exchanging  information and satisfaction the communication need. Communicative approach is considered to be the main technology in educational process.  Foreign language promotes the development of professional mobility due to intersubject communications, communicative focus and development of cognitive and personal students’ characteristics. Main components of teaching process are disclosed. Pedagogical conditions for formation of professional mobility are defined: intersubject communications, use of information technologies and active forms and innovative methods of teaching. Main forms of interactive technologies are business and role games, multimedia presentations and discussions.  The integration of interactive technologies and intersubject communication is described while teaching foreign language for specific purposes. The perspective of further research is the development of teaching courses based on integration of special subjects with foreign language.


professional mobility; foreign language; communication; interactive technologies; advertising expert


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