I. A. Svirepchuk


The article deals with the peculiarities of informatization of higher education in the circumstances of transition to the information society and modern changes in the educational system and in the process of teaching foreign languages, the study of which is becoming increasingly important in connection with the expansion of economic and political relations, labor mobility and access to a large amount of scientific and technical information in foreign languages.

The article also lights the different trends of the modern stage of informatization of education. The current stage of informatization of higher school has caused the emergence of the strategic goals, i.e. the global rationalization of intellectual activity by means of the use of information technology. The achievement of this goal depends on the mass computer literacy and ability to apply information in any sphere of work.

The modern process of informatization of education led to the emergence of a number of problems, which the article has highlighted. The article also determines the functions of the Internet from the point of view of a teacher and students.As a whole the Internet technology provides the teachers and students with a huge amount of opportunities. Computer telecocommunications, when used correctly, can significantly improve the efficiency of the educational process.


informatization; higher education; teaching foreign languages; information technologies

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