O. L. Pysarchyk, N. V. Yamshynska


Teaching and learning English are uneasy tasks for both teachers and learners. It causes an urgent demand of high level of English proficiency applying in the study. This article deals with formation and effectiveness of integrating reading and writing skills while learning a foreign language, gives the definition to different skills (writing, speaking, reading, listening), shows stages of writing process, defines the benefits of writing and reading integration. The article views the background of the integrated-skills approach, shows differences between spoken and written language, describes reading as a whole process and gives some examples of activities which can be used at three main stages of this process. The importance of this article is defined by the need of modern schools in professionally savvy specialists, who in excellence possess all the language skills. The value of teaching the primary skills is described and the ways how to maximize their efficiency in the language teaching process by integrating them are discussed. The paper considers teaching strategies for integrating reading and writing skills, describes benefits of integrated-skills approach. This paper presents the research conducted with the purpose to explore effects of integrating reading and writing during the lesson on English language learning. The research findings indicate that the students got better results in post-test of academic reading and writing skills. Modern-day perspectives on skill integration and integrated curriculum designs will also be discussed, together with problems and issues typically associated with integrated teaching.


integrating skills; learning process; reading; writing; basic skills; teaching strategy; teaching approach

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